2018년 10월 1일 월요일

Sketches at the Children's Grand Park, Neung-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Main Gate of the Children's Grand Park, pen and watercolor, 
(36 x 51cm)

Kkummaru (꿈마루), former golf club house, pencil and watercolor, (36 x 51cm)

sketched in front of the restaurant, pen and watercolor, 
(29.6 x 42cm)

Elephant Cage, pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

the rides at the Amusement Park, pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)
Last Saturday, it was a nice day with the blue sky in autumn. We Seoul urban sketchers met at an attractive park in downtown to sketch together. Located in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul Children's Grand Park (서울 어린이대공원) is a large park with a zoo, botanical garden, amusement park, and diverse performance events for the families with children. The park is full of attractions appealing to all ages, and many events take place at the park throughout the year. It was a weekend, so the park was full of families with kids, young people enjoying the weekend, and lots of citizens including some foreign tourists all day long. For a long time I've sketched numerous colorful scenes changing over the years in this park.  Every time I visit the park, I used to look for something new subject not sketched before. I had a pleasant sketch time in a dreamlike children's park with a thankful heart. Love the fantastic amusement park and the liveliness of Seoul!

능동 어린이대공원은 '스케치 테마공원" 같습니다.
수십 년에 걸친 공원시설과 환경이 조금씩 변해가면서 
그때그때마다 시절 따라 생생한 모습을 그리는 것은... 
마치 우리 생활상을 담은 기록같이 소중한 작업입니다.

숲과 주변빌딩, 동식물원과 힐링 산책로, 어린이 놀이동산,
가족쉼터와 각종 이벤트 공간들은 스케치 소재가 넘쳐납니다.
도시의 분주한 일상을 잠시 떠나 가족들의 꿈과 희망을 안고 
태양을 마시며 생기발랄하고 활기차게 뛰노는 동심의 세계는 
어반 스케쳐의 빼놓을수 없는 "상설 스튜디오"라 하겠습니다.

2018년 9월 19일 수요일

Sketches at Deoksugung Palace and Jeong-dong, Seoul

a scene viewed from indoor walls of Deoksugung Palace, 
pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

 Junghwajeon, the main throne hall at Deoksugung Palace, 
pen and watercolor, (36 x 51cm)

surrounding buildings viewed from Deokhongjeon, pen, (36 x 51cm)

Seoul City Hall and Seoul Metropolitan Library viewed from Daehanmun, pen, (29.6 x 42cm) 

Appenzeller Noble Memorial Museum (Pai Chai HakDang) and Seoul Child-care information center building, pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

Jeongdong First Methodist Church after renovation, pen and watercolor, (36 x 51cm)

Nancy Ho, a foreign sketcher from Canada, pencil, (21 x 29.6cm)
Yesterday, the weather was so fine to sketch under the autumn sky.  We Seoul urban sketchers including a foreign new comer, Nancy Ho, met together around Deoksugung Palace and had a good sketch time all day. Deoksugung Palace is one of the most famous attractions for Korean traditional palace with history in downtown Seoul. The palace sits alongside a series of modern style buildings that add to the uniqueness of the surrounding scenery. We sketched the colorful traditional buildings inside the palace through the morning, and after lunch we moved to Jeong-dong adjacent to the palace. There are a lot of attractive subject matters for sketching such as beautiful stonewall walkway, various church buildings, museums, modern architectural properties and the traditional festivals for many tourists and visitors. I liked such subjects and enjoyed sketching around Jeong-dong for a long time. I sketched lovely scenes in historic downtown Seoul with a peace of mind as ever.
가을하늘~~ 덕수궁과 정동을 중심으로 펼치는 파노라마는
시청과 광화문, 종로와 남대문, 명동과 서울역을 어우르며
모든 요소가 무궁무진 깔려있는... 그리면 그릴수록 새로워지는,
그토록 수없이 그려도 그려도 지루하지 않은... 열린 스튜디오~
어반스케치 명소중의 명소라고 느껴집니다.

2018년 8월 27일 월요일

Sketches at Sungkyunkwan University & Myeongryundang , Seoul

Sungkyunkwan convention & wedding hall in front of entrance of the campus, pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

street scene across the entrance of Sungkyunkwan University, 
pen and watercolor, (29.6x 42cm)

Myeongryundang building, pencil, (36 x 51cm)

surrounding buildings under reconstruction near Myeongryundang, 
pen, (36 x 51cm)

Business School, Sungkyunkwan University, pen and watercolor, 
(36 x 51cm)

After the heat wave season is over, it's nice weather for sketching outdoors. Last Saturday, we Seoul urban sketchers met at the entrance of the Sungkyunkwan University. On arriving at the meeting place, I started sketching the lively street scene around the entrance of the university. Several times I visited the familiar campus in downtown near my home from my childhood.  What I'm impressed with is the big gingko trees of nearly 500 years old in front of Myeongryundang(명륜당) inside the Munmyo(문묘). Especially, some cultural properties like the above Korean traditional buildings and newly built modern campus buildings seemed to be harmonized with the history of Seoul. I sketched various scenes on the spot here and there around the beautiful campus remembering past history of Seoul. The old villages located closed the historic campus is one of the most favorite subjects for urban sketchers.
조선시대 성균관의 역사를 머금은 은행나무의 연륜...
창경궁과 대학로, 명륜동 주택가의 스카이라인은
세월따라 변해가는 서울의 모습을 반영해 갑니다.
역사적인 문화재와 캠퍼스를 포용하는 명륜동은
바쁜 삶에 얽힌 풍물과 선비의 정신, 포근한 자연을 담는
어제와 오늘이 공존하는 생생한 스케치 장소입니다~~

2018년 7월 23일 월요일

#60th World Wide SketchCrawl at Seoul Central Mosque

facade of the Seoul Central Mosque, pen and watercolor, 
(29.6 x 42cm)

left part of facade of the mosque, pen and pastel, (29.6 x 42cm)

Praying Hall for the Muslims, pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

going up to the mosque, pencil and pastel, (21 x 29.6cm)

a village scene from inside the entrance of the mosque, pen, (29.6 x 42cm)

neighboring village scenery looking from the courtyard, pencil, 
(29.6 x 42cm)

a quick sketch of the mosque, pen and pastel, (18.5 x 25cm)

preliminary sketch, pen, (21 x 29.6cm)
Last Saturday, it was midsummer with the sweltering heat and humidity. For the 60th World Wide SketchCrawl, we Seoul sketchers met at the Seoul Central Mosque (서울중앙성원) located in Hannam-dong (한남동), Yongsan-gu (용산구), Seoul. The Seoul Central Mosque built in 1976, was established to be a place to worship for Muslims in Korea as well as to educate the larger public about Islam and Islamic cultures. The Seoul Central Mosque is a place of religious, and Islamic rules and customs should be respected, so we cared about every move during the sketch time inside the precincts of the mosque.
The beautiful mosque is famous for its characteristically Islamic design in the middle spot between the Han River and Namsan, but will be scheduled to reconstruction in modern style sooner or later. 
Outside the mosque, there were many halal restaurants and shops where we can watch a lot of Muslims and the public convenience, Islamic bookstore, consists of a halal supermarket, travel agencies.
I sketched the symbolic mosque from various angles, exotic surrounding scenes in and outside the precincts. It was an exciting sketch time overcoming the terrible heat.
서울중앙성원은 도심에 숨어있는 이국적 모뉴멘트~~
우리 문화와 이슬람 문화가 공존하는 이태원의 오아시스
호텔, 상가와 주택가를 잇는 이색적인 정경과 인간미 넘치는 곳....
이슬람의 세계를 스케치하며 무더위를 잊은 하루였습니다.

2018년 7월 3일 화요일

Sketches of billiard game with architects in Seoul

an impressive billiard player (개성파 고수), pen and pastel

many architects are playing billiards (손풀기), pen and watercolor

 a scene of lively billiard hall (승부의 열기), pen and pastel

the counter near the entrance (소맥과 요리 주문), pen and pastel

enjoying delicious Chinese dishes during the break (막간의 탕수육), 
pencil and watercolor

smoking room in the corner of the billiard hall (흡연자는 괴로워), 
pencil and watercolor

 a scene of the awards ceremony after the game (상받으면 쏘기), 
pencil and watercolor

 a variety of dynamic poses (집중은 생명), pencil and watercolor

another sketch of dynamic poses (연습은 실전처럼..), pencil

( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook )
Korea Institute of Registered Architects (KIRA: 대한건축사협회) runs lots of hobby clubs such as climbing, music, photography, golf, billiard, and so on. I've participated in billiard club since last year. Last week on Jun. 27, there was a friendly match of billiard club members. Though I'm not good at playing game, I usually like to watch international billiards games very much. On that day I was knocked out of the tournament in the 1st round because most of participants' scores were higher than mine. But I could have enough time to sketch every scene I want to draw. Additionally, many members surrounded me and were pleased seeing the sketches on the spot. They cheered me and asked to upload them on the website. Everybody had exciting moments in games and delicious Chinese dishes during the break time. I had a wonderful time enjoying sketches and billiards with many familiar architects.
지난 주, 6월 27일 "대한건축사협회" 당구동호회 모임이 있었습니다.
학창시절 후 수십년 끊고 있다가 최근에 다시 시작하는데~
1라운드에서 탈락한 덕분에 스케치를 맘껏 하니 전화위복입니다. 
한 장소, 많은 시간, 많은 소재들과 호흡하며 스케치하는 "해피 데이"였습니다~~ 

2018년 6월 25일 월요일

Sketches at Under Stand Avenue, Seoul

 open-air market viewed from the outdoor stage, pen and watercolor, (36 x 51cm)

a sketch at the main entrance of Under Stand Avenue, pen and pastel, (36 x 51cm)

a scene of crowded open-air market, pen and watercolor, 
(29.6 x 42cm)

a young couple sells the fresh blueberries, pen and watercolor, 
(29.6 x 42cm)

a scene of the outdoor stage, pencil, (29.6 x 42cm)

nearby buildings beyond Walkshop Loft Garden, pen and pastel, 
(29.6 x 42cm)
It was too hot last Saturday, Seoul usk members met at Under Stand Avenue (언더스탠드 애비뉴) located between Seoul Forest (서울숲) and Seoul Forest Station. Under Stand Avenue, made of 116 recycled colorful containers complex, is attracting locals and tourists in eastern Seoul. The complex serves as a creative public cultural space for teenagers, artists, local vendors and small brands. There is also an outdoor stage for cultural performances, local community organize special events and various workshops every month. The very day we visited Under Stand Avenue, it was market day once a month on 4th Saturday for the food and beverage produced by urban farmers. The street mall was full of open-air shops with temporary colorful tents and crowded people. Unfortunately many stores and unique restaurants on the 2nd floor rooftop were under renewal construction, we couldn't help sketching outdoors on the ground level in search of the shadow.
I sketched the lively scenes of the crowded market with colorful tents and streetscape including nearby buildings harmonizing with moving cranes. It was a very exciting sketch time despite the summer heat.
컨테이너 명소인 언더스탠드 애비뉴~~ 
커먼 그라운드에서의 "광장"분위기와는 달리
"스트리트 몰"과 숲이 어우러진 새로운 느낌입니다.
예기치 않았던 "장날"과 "대형 리모델링 공사"로
2층에서 보는 좋은 각도의 입체적 장면을 못 그렸지만
땅 레벨에서 보는 번잡한 시장 모습과 하늘을 덮는 천막,
사이사이 보이는 율동같은 모습과 시시각각 변하는 그림자...
스케치 현장은 "가변성이 있고 예측불가"라는 것도 매력입니다.

2018년 6월 8일 금요일

Sketches of Youngsanjae Ritual at Bongwonsa Temple, Seoul

the colorful scene of Youngsanjae Ritual ceremony, 
pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

400 years old zelkova tree in front of the 3000 Buddhas Hall (삼천불전) near the entrance to the temple, pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

the beginning of the ceremony, pen and watercolor, (21 x 29.6cm)

a monk is playing the drum in ritual ceremony, pen and watercolor, (21 x 29.6cm)

a scene in the process of Meal Offering ceremony, pen and watercolor, (21 x 29.6cm)

performance of the traditional Buddhist music, pencil and watercolor, (21 x 29.6cm)

colorful Buddhist dance with monks and Youngsanjae preserver group, pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

the area for dead to rest in peace on the 2nd floor of the 3000 Buddhas Hall, pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)


On last Sunday(June 3rd) and Wednesday(June 6th), I visited Bongwonsa Temple (봉원사) for sketching the cultural performance and the 30th Youngsanjae Ritual (영산재). 
The ceremony has been held on the Memorial Day of Korea, June 6th. Lots of people gathered to see the ritual ceremony. Big hanging painting was hung on left side of the big temple. Monks from foreign countries and inland visited too. Korean traditional music with big drums, pipes, gongs and Buddhist dances were played by monks and members of Youngsanjae preserver group. The ritual ran all day from 10 am to 7pm. Because the personnel for the event didn't allow ordinary people to enter the ritual area it was not easy to capture scenes in detail. The temple had been built on 889AD.  And the ritual has been kept performing for 30 years for the peace of the dead and the live. I prayed for the peace of world all the while sketching. 
서대문 안산 기슭의 태고종 천년사찰 "봉원사"
현충일에 열리는 산이와 죽은 영령을 위한 30회 "영산재"
수많은 불자들과 승려, 하늘을 덮은 천막과 찬란한 휘장들,
대형 괘불 제단의 장엄한 예불의식, 전통 춤과 불교음악...
우리 나라와 세계 평화를 기원하는 뜻깊은 스케치의 날이었습니다.