2016년 8월 31일 수요일

sketches at the exhibition "Discoveries from the Sinan Shipwreck", National Museum of Korea, Seoul

miniature of the ship, 1/10 of original size(34m x 11m x 3.7m, more than 200 tons)
visitors in the museum
coins and sandalwood (The ship started from China to Japan loading ceramics, 
metal ware, 28 tons of coins, sandalwood and etc.) 동전과 자단목 
miniature of the bow (배의 선수)
discoveries in seabed (해저 유물들) 
people was looking at the Goryeo Dynasty's ceramics.(고려 청자)
shelves full of celadon dishes(left), coins and sandalwood(center) and jars(right)
entrance of the exhibition hall (전시장 입구) 
 inside the exhibition hall (전시장 내부)
inside the exhibition hall
Celadon figures of Women and Taoist (여인들과 도인)
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook, pen and watercolor )
I visited the National Museum of Korea, Yongsan, Seoul last week. There was a special exhibition "Discoveries from the Sinan Shipwreck"(신안해저선 유물전). I want to quote the introduction written in the brochure for the exhibition as follows.

"The National Museum of Korea proudly presents Discoveries from the Sinan Shipwreck, a special exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of the excavation. 
Excavation of the Sinan shipwreck began when a local fisherman caught a celadon vase in a net off the coast of Jeungdo, Sinan, Jeollanam-do Province in August 1975. Starting on October 27, 1976, the Bureau of the Cultural Heritage (currently the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea) initiated a full-scale excavation and salvaged a huge quantity of artifacts---amounting to 24,000 pieces. These discoveries from the Sinan Shipwreck are presented in this special exhibition.
The comprehensive special exhibition was organized to present as many artifacts as possible from the Sinan shipwreck. While appreciating these remarkable cultural treasures, visitors can also gain a deeper understanding of the nature of the Sinan ship and fourteenth century trade and exchange of East Asia.
Sunk beneath the sea for around 650 years, the Sinan shipwreck appeared to us like a time capsule, an we hope that this exhibition will serve as a turning point for future research on the shipwreck."

I felt very impressed by the discoveries from the ship sunk on 14 centuries.
국립중앙박물관의 신안 해저유물전은
타임캡슐처럼 650년만에 나타나서...
그시대의 역사와 문화를 실감하게 하며
스케치하는 좋은 기회였습니다~~

2016년 8월 1일 월요일

52nd World Wide SketchCrawl at Techno Mart

Techno Mart Building viewed from Gangbyeon Station(강변역)
sketch at the sky garden outside the 9th floor of the building
 an interior scene sketched on the 1st floor in shopping mall
Lotte World Tower and riverside scenery across the Han River
Olympic Bridge(올림픽 대교)viewed from the sky garden of the building
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook, pen and watercolor )
Last Saturday, for the 52nd World Wide SketchCrawl, we Seoul urban sketchers met at Techno Mart located at Guui-dong(구의동), Gwangjin-gu(광진구), Seoul. Techno Mart is Korea’s largest electronics shopping center, and  is also famous for its spacious multi-entertainment and shopping areas including fashion stores and bookstores (1st floor), restaurants and a food court (9th floor), a CGV multiplex movie theater (10th), and Lotte Mart (B1).
Inspite of the midsummer heat from morning, we sketch at the sky garden outside the 9th floor,enjoying the panoramic views around the Han River and beautiful surrounding sceneries.
After lunch, we sketched colorful scenes inside the building, going up and down the air conditioned shopping mall. Mixed-use Buildings are a good place to the urban sketchers.
한강변의 랜드마크, 복합전자 쇼핑몰과 많은 인파~~
하늘공원과 강변 파노라마,  찬란한 야경~~
먹거리와 볼거리, 원스톱 쇼핑과 시원한 매장~~
짧은 동선에 많은 주제를 다루는 좋은 스케치 장소입니다.

2016년 7월 29일 금요일

sketches at an a​uto showroom in Lotte World Mall

scene of the a​uto showroom
concept car LF-C2
front view of the concept car
coffee shop "Connect To" with an interesting atmosphere
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook,  pen and watercolor )
Lotte World Tower(123-floor) locates at Jamsil, Seoul. The tower is still under construction at top part. People visit there to see the high rise building and mall. At the 1st floor I saw nice looking cars at the coffee shop "Connect To". There were three cars including shining gold color concept car LF-C2. 
I sketched one by one. One female staff showed curiosity and told me about Lexus Brand Experience Space and took photos before I left. While I was drawing these sketches I felt so sorry about the sudden death of Flaf.
Rest in peace, Flaf.
잠실 롯데 몰의 수많은 인파 속에~~
화려한 쇼핑공간 1층 카페 오토 전시장은
매력적이고 환상적인 신차들과 더불어
즐거운 스케치에 빠져들게 합니다.

2016년 6월 30일 목요일

sketches at Noksapyeong Station, Seoul

the glass roof dome of Noksapyeong Station 
a scene on the top floor inside the station
another view on the top floor
a scene of the transparent stairway and escalators
viewed from ticket barrier(개찰구) on the middle floo
lounge on the top floor
main stairway and escalators viewed from the top floor
main stairway and escalators viewed from the lower floor
waiting area(대합실) on the lower level
subway platform(승강장) on the lowest level  
the view of Yongsan-gu Office(용산구청) from the station
surrounding scenery viewed from pedestrian overpass nearby the station 
distant view of Namsan Mountain(남산) from the station
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook.  pen, watercolor )
A few days ago, I had a chance to sketch a beautiful subway station located near Yongsan-gu Office. Noksapyeong Station(녹사평역) on line No.6 is known for having the most beautiful interior and a spectacular underground space for a subway station. The glass domed roof allows plenty of natural light into the station. Inside the station, the crisscrossing escalators and stairs traverse the spherical space that runs through five levels. Especially on the main stairway, it was very impressed to hear Korean traditional music when people go up the step with shining light. Because the American Army base(미군부대) locates nearby, I could see occasionally foreign passengers while sketching. Among them, some people showed interest in my sketches with favorable comments. It was very exciting sketch time trying to draw various forms and movements.
남산과 미군기지, 신청사를 둘러보는 용산의 중심지
작은 유리돔 아래 아담하고 스펙타클한 지하철 공간
다이나믹한 직선들과 동심원 곡선들이 교차하면서
천창의 빛과 색색의 조명아래 오르내리는 인파들~~
녹사평 역사는 작은 보석과도 같은 스케치장소입니다. 

2016년 5월 31일 화요일

sketches at Gocheok Sky Dome (고척 스카이돔)

the baseball game playing in the stadium, 
 another sketch of playing scene in the stadium, 
 a panoramic view of Gocheok Sky Dome,
 the front of Gocheok Sky Dome,
 the entrance hall inside the stadium,
 outfield stands in the stadium, 
 a playing scene viewed from infield stands,
another scene of infield playing, 
 an exciting scene on the 1st base, pencil and watercolor
a cameraman,  
 cameramen for TV broadcast
 side view of Gocheok Sky Dome, 
Gocheok Sky Dome viewed from the pedestrian bridge, 
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook, pen and watercolor) 
Gocheok Sky Dome is Korea's first domed baseball stadium located in Gocheok-dong, Seoul. The stadium replaced Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium (동대문 야구장) and opened on 15 September 2015. It has a capacity of about 20,000 people and is home to the Nexen Heroes (넥센 히어로즈) baseball team. When the professional baseball season is over, the stadium can be hired as a concert venue and other events with capacity for around 22,000 spectators.
Last week I went to the new Sky Dome to sketch several times .Though the stadium was relatively small compared to other countries' ones, I was impressed by the futuristic exterior and the fantastic atmosphere.  I enjoyed the baseball game sketching some dynamic and colorful scenes in and out the stadium. It was very pleasant and exciting sketch time without worrying about weather conditions.
국내 최초의 현대식 돔구장 고척 스카이돔~~
동대문에서 잠실로 이어온 야구역사와 함께
스포츠의 역동감과 이벤트의 즐거움를 담아
수많은 소재를 제공하는 스케치장소입니다.

2016년 4월 29일 금요일

sketches at Deoksugung Art Museum

the front view of MMCA, Deoksugung
the panoramic view of MMCA
viewed from the Deoksugung square
another sketch of MMCA
the museum lobby 
another sketch on the 1st floor
viewed from the lounge on the 2nd floor
art shop on the 1st floor
visitors in the exhibition hall
another sketch in the exhibition hall
visitors appreciate the articles left by the artist
a docent and visitors
docent tour in the exhibition hall
( pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook )
Deoksugung Palace is famous for Korean traditional palace with history in busiest downtown Seoul. The palace sits alongside a series of western style buildings that add to the uniqueness of the surrounding scenery. A fascinating mix of traditional Korean and Western-style neoclassical structures and nearby areas are very popular for visitors for the beauty and tranquility. Inside the palace, the museum building, connected with beautiful bright colored neoclassical-style Seokjojeon(석조전), was constructed in 1938. It's now the MMCA (National Museum of Modern Contemporary Art) Deoksugung,with a collection of permanent and temporary contemporary art. 
Last week, a sunny spring day, I visited the museum and enjoyed the exhibition of the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Korean Modern Masters, Pen Varlen(변월룡 1916~90). Pen,Russian-Korean artist, is an important figure in Soviet socialist realism art. I appreciated his impressive masterpieces and sketched in and outside the museum with picturesque surroundings.
덕수궁 미술관은 도심 궁궐속의 아담한 서양식 건축입니다.
서울 대표적인 명소이자 쾌적한 고궁 분위기와  편리한 접근성으로
시민들과 관광객들에게 낯익는 국립현대미술관 분관으로서
명화 전시회를 통해 예술정신을 심어주는 아름다운 샘터입니다.