2018년 12월 11일 화요일

Enjoyable sketches at Mecenatpolis Mall, Seoul

surrounding scene seen from the open corridor on the 2nd floor of Mecenatpolis Mall, pen and watercolor, (36 x 51cm)

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts restaurant on the central plaza, 
pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

scene of the central plaza which opened to the sky with colorful umbrellas suspended above the mall, pencil and watercolor crayons, (29.6 x 42cm)

Mecenatpolis complex buildings viewed from outdoor garden, pencil, (36 x 51cm)
On Monday of this week, despite the cold weather, usk Seoul members met at Mecenatpolis Mall nearby Hapjeong Subway Station. Mecenatpolis is one of the most famous landmark complex buildings within sight of the Han River. I have visited this attractive location several times to sketch various drawings. I enjoyed and sketched the interesting spaces among buildings, soft curves of the colorful walls and decorations embroidered on the shopping mall. Although it was very windy and cold outdoors, various sketching materials made me forget about the cold. Thank you for all the participants including new comers!
직선과 곡선의 하모니, 사람과 도시의 스케일과 대비감,
닫힘에서 열림으로 이어지는 자유로운 공간의 흐름~~
차거운 유리빌딩 속에서도 인간적 풍요로움이 배어있는,
번잡한 도시속에 스케치를 위한 열린 콘서트 무대 같습니다.

2018년 11월 24일 토요일

Sketches at the Jeongdong observatory

a panoramic view of Seoul from the Jeongdong Observatory, 
pencil and watercolor, (36 x 51cm)

a scenery around Seoul Anglican Cathedral (대한 성공회 서울교구), 
pen and watercolor, (36 x 51cm)

Seoul City Hall and surrounding buildings, pencil, (36 x 51cm)

inside view of the Jeongdong Observatory, pen and watercolor, 
(30 x 42cm)

Yesterday, the weather was a bit cold and the first snow fell from dawn. The sudden sketch meetup was planned abruptly. When I went out of home it kept snowing. On the way going there the bus didn't move for long. There seemed to be a minor collision by slippery road. I arrived at the main gate of Deoksugung before 10:30 am but I couldn't find anybody looking like sketcher. I waited for somebody to join till 11am. It was so cold that I couldn't be there any more and moved to the Seoul city hall annexed building located at Seosomun near the palace. At the Jeongdong observatory (정동전망대) on 13th floor I took a seat and sketched four works. Though I couldn't meet Nick or any sketcher I could concentrate on studying and capturing the changing scenes from snow-covered roofs to shining planes. The place became to be one of attractions in Seoul. So many visitors such as tourists, citizens, and students with their teachers came and was surprised by the beautiful scenery. Snow and cold weather tested me with a difficult challenge. But I felt so happy for finishing the sketching with four sketches. It was a good "Special Experience Day" to me.
하필이면 첫눈과 진눈깨비, 폭설의 번개스케치날
약속되었던 Nick도, 스케쳐 한사람도 보이지 않았습니다.
빙판길 야외는 포기하고 혼자서 정동전망대 13층에 올라
한자리에서 뜨지않고 창너머 같은 장면을 다른 구도와 시각으로
삼매경에 취해 그린 "특별한 경험의 날"이었습니다.
백날 그려도 항상 새롭게 보이는 명당입니다~~

2018년 11월 19일 월요일

Sketches of colorful scenes around Insadong, Seoul

panoramic scene sketched at the 5th floor of Insa Art Center, 
pencil and watercolor crayon, (36 x 51cm) 

sketched at the Maru building (마루빌딩), pen and watercolor, 
(36 x 51cm)

 scene of the alley viewed from the Insadong-gil, pencil,
(33.5 x 48.5cm)

 scene of the alley by the side of the Nagwon Musical Instrument shopping mall(낙원 악기상가), pen and watercolor, (33.5 x 48.5cm)

Last Saturday weekend, usk Seoul members met at Ssamziegil building (쌈지길 빌딩) which is well-known as one of the famous tourist attractions in Insadong, downtown Seoul. There are lots of sketching subject matters such as art galleries, characterful tea houses, restaurants, cafes, and small shops selling arts and crafts. So I used to sketch this familiar hot place many times before.  A crowd of people including foreign tourist surged toward the Insa-dong street from morning. At first I went up to the rooftop terrace on the 5th floor of Insa Art Center (인사아트센터) across from Ssamziegil building, and sketched the panoramic scene around Sueun Assembly House Building (수운회관) and Chundogyo's Central Headquaters (천도교 중앙대교당). Two historic buildings surrounded by irregular buildings are well-matched together harmoniously.
After lunch, I sketched some attractive scenes with crowded people, walking along the streets and narrow alley around Insadong and Nakwondong. It was a very nice day for urban sketching together in an attractive place. Insadong and surroundings are so impressive and the most perfect location for urban sketchers in various ways.
쌀쌀한 날씨임에도 인사동 거리는 따스한 분위기입니다.
전통문화와 예술, 독특한 먹거리와 관광객들로 인산인해를 이루고~
사라져가는 고풍스러움이 현대식 빌딩과 다문화 거리로 바뀌어가는
인사동 주변은 다채로운 현재진행형 스케치의 명소라 하겠습니다.

2018년 11월 1일 목요일

Sketches at the competition of seniors' art performance

panoramic view of KBS Sports World building, pen and watercolor, 
(24 x 32cm)

entrance of KBS Arena Hall, pen and watercolor, (24 x 32cm)

scenery inside of KBS Arena Hall, pen and watercolor, (21 x 29.6cm)

a cameraman is filming the performance, pen and watercolor, 
(21 x 29.6cm)

classical dance performance, pen and watercolor, (21 x 29.6cm)

folk dance performance, pen and watercolor, (21 x 29.6cm)

Taekwondo playing, pen and watercolor, (21 x 29.6cm)

guest stage of Seoul Policemen performing publicity, pen and watercolor, (21 x 29.6cm)

Korean traditional fan dancing, pen and watercolor, (21 x 29.6cm)

beating Korean traditional drums, pen and watercolor, (21 x 29.6cm)

scenery of audience hall, pen and watercolor, (21 x 29.6cm)
Last week, Oct. 23rd, I attended a competition of physical exercise for the seniors. It was held by Seoul Association of Senior Welfare Centers at the KBS Sports World building. The Seoul Senior Welfare Center where our sketching group, Seoul Urban Sketchers, was invited for the exhibition last year. Therefore I thanked for it and registered as supporters for the players. Because it was my first visit to the big building and to participate in such supporting event I felt excited expecting for the performance and sketching too. It began on 10 am and ended on 4 pm. From the start the big hall filled by supporters from 35 welfare centers in Seoul and kept cheering all the teams. All the while I enjoyed both sketching and joyful music and various dances. Dynamic energy from the stage and the hall made my pen move on papers dancing with the beats and beautiful melodies.
Though I couldn't spend much time for supporting itself I thought being there and capturing their energetic features would be a great record for the performance of senior members from all districts where I was living together. And what a big joy that our team has won 2nd prize for the supporters! Thank you all the players and big supporters!
강서구 등촌동 KBS 스포츠월드 아레나에서 열린 시니어 생활체육 경연대회는 감동적인 장면으로 가득찼습니다. 포크댄스, 한국무용, 난타, 라인댄스, 사물놀이, 태권도... 와 더불어  우정출연한 서울경찰 홍보단의 역동적 무대는 일품이었습니다. 노익장을 과시하며 열정적으로 삶을 불태워가는 에너지에 찬 시니어 공연은 "나이는 숫자에 불과하다"는 것을 실감케하는 멋진 무대였습니다. 스케치도 시종일관 흥에 겨운 퍼포먼스였습니다.

2018년 10월 22일 월요일

Sketches at the Sewoon Shopping Center, Seoul

front view of the Sewoon Shopping Center from Jongno 3-ga, 
pen and watercolor, (36 x51cm)

scenery of the the cityscape of old and new buildings viewed from the rooftop garden, pen and watercolor, (36 x51cm) 

scenery of Cheonggyecheon viewed from the bridge on the 3rd floor between the Sewoon Shopping Center and the Daelim Shopping center, pen and watercolor, (36 x51cm) 

entrance of the electronics shopping mall from sidewalk and road, 
pencil and watercolor, (36 x51cm)

the Daelim Shopping Center viewed from the bridge on the 3rd floor, pencil, 
(30 x 42cm)

a quick sketch of the Sewoon Shopping Center, pencil, (30 x 42cm)

Last Saturday weekend, our Seoul urban sketchers met at open square in front of Sewoon Plaza building in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Sewoon Shopping Center (세운상가) is the most famous electronics shopping area located between Jongno 3-ga and Toegyero 3-ga, which was well-known place as a symbol of the modernization of the electronics industry from the 1960s. But the Sewoon Shopping mall complex became old and deteriorated over the years, it has been remodeled from time to time as the need arises. Recently, The Dasi Sewoon Project(다시세운 프로젝트) transformed the old Sewoon Shopping Center into a hub of new industry through urban regeneration(도시재생). 
It was so fine weather for sketching the newly renovated Sewoon Shopping Mall. I was impressed by the mixture of old and new buildings under the colorful urban skyline, walking along the three-story overhead pedestrian bridge between Sewoon Shopping Center and Daelim Shopping Center, which provided us with various attractions. Furthermore, Sewoon Plaza rooftop garden on the 9th floor is the best place to sketch colorful panoramic scenes of Seoul in all directions. I sketched the various scenes spread out horizontally before my eyes. While sketching the urbanscapes along the high-level pedestrian bridge and the rooftop garden, I experienced the diverse feeling of different eye level, new perspectives, free spaces from the crowds and vehicles, and so on. It was a pleasant and valuable sketch time in the bustling downtown Seoul.
서울 역사도심 속 50년 전통의 세운상가~~
경제발전 세월의 성장통에 녹아있는 전자상가 상징물..
낡은 주변과 소음 보행로, 슬럼화 되는 복합빌딩 연결 이미지가
도시재생을 통해 "다시세운"상가로 거듭난 모습입니다.

남북으로 길게 이어진 3층 보행데크와 9층 옥상정원를 거닐면서
새로운 시점에서 보는 넓고 다채롭게 펼쳐진 도시경관 요소들~
어반스케치를 위한 "이동식 갤러리 스튜디오"라 하겠습니다.

2018년 10월 1일 월요일

Sketches at the Children's Grand Park, Neung-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Main Gate of the Children's Grand Park, pen and watercolor, 
(36 x 51cm)

Kkummaru (꿈마루), former golf club house, pencil and watercolor, (36 x 51cm)

sketched in front of the restaurant, pen and watercolor, 
(29.6 x 42cm)

Elephant Cage, pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

the rides at the Amusement Park, pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)
Last Saturday, it was a nice day with the blue sky in autumn. We Seoul urban sketchers met at an attractive park in downtown to sketch together. Located in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul Children's Grand Park (서울 어린이대공원) is a large park with a zoo, botanical garden, amusement park, and diverse performance events for the families with children. The park is full of attractions appealing to all ages, and many events take place at the park throughout the year. It was a weekend, so the park was full of families with kids, young people enjoying the weekend, and lots of citizens including some foreign tourists all day long. For a long time I've sketched numerous colorful scenes changing over the years in this park.  Every time I visit the park, I used to look for something new subject not sketched before. I had a pleasant sketch time in a dreamlike children's park with a thankful heart. Love the fantastic amusement park and the liveliness of Seoul!

능동 어린이대공원은 '스케치 테마공원" 같습니다.
수십 년에 걸친 공원시설과 환경이 조금씩 변해가면서 
그때그때마다 시절 따라 생생한 모습을 그리는 것은... 
마치 우리 생활상을 담은 기록같이 소중한 작업입니다.

숲과 주변빌딩, 동식물원과 힐링 산책로, 어린이 놀이동산,
가족쉼터와 각종 이벤트 공간들은 스케치 소재가 넘쳐납니다.
도시의 분주한 일상을 잠시 떠나 가족들의 꿈과 희망을 안고 
태양을 마시며 생기발랄하고 활기차게 뛰노는 동심의 세계는 
어반 스케쳐의 빼놓을수 없는 "상설 스튜디오"라 하겠습니다.

2018년 9월 19일 수요일

Sketches at Deoksugung Palace and Jeong-dong, Seoul

a scene viewed from indoor walls of Deoksugung Palace, 
pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

 Junghwajeon, the main throne hall at Deoksugung Palace, 
pen and watercolor, (36 x 51cm)

surrounding buildings viewed from Deokhongjeon, pen, (36 x 51cm)

Seoul City Hall and Seoul Metropolitan Library viewed from Daehanmun, pen, (29.6 x 42cm) 

Appenzeller Noble Memorial Museum (Pai Chai HakDang) and Seoul Child-care information center building, pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

Jeongdong First Methodist Church after renovation, pen and watercolor, (36 x 51cm)

Nancy Ho, a foreign sketcher from Canada, pencil, (21 x 29.6cm)
Yesterday, the weather was so fine to sketch under the autumn sky.  We Seoul urban sketchers including a foreign new comer, Nancy Ho, met together around Deoksugung Palace and had a good sketch time all day. Deoksugung Palace is one of the most famous attractions for Korean traditional palace with history in downtown Seoul. The palace sits alongside a series of modern style buildings that add to the uniqueness of the surrounding scenery. We sketched the colorful traditional buildings inside the palace through the morning, and after lunch we moved to Jeong-dong adjacent to the palace. There are a lot of attractive subject matters for sketching such as beautiful stonewall walkway, various church buildings, museums, modern architectural properties and the traditional festivals for many tourists and visitors. I liked such subjects and enjoyed sketching around Jeong-dong for a long time. I sketched lovely scenes in historic downtown Seoul with a peace of mind as ever.
가을하늘~~ 덕수궁과 정동을 중심으로 펼치는 파노라마는
시청과 광화문, 종로와 남대문, 명동과 서울역을 어우르며
모든 요소가 무궁무진 깔려있는... 그리면 그릴수록 새로워지는,
그토록 수없이 그려도 그려도 지루하지 않은... 열린 스튜디오~
어반스케치 명소중의 명소라고 느껴집니다.

2018년 8월 27일 월요일

Sketches at Sungkyunkwan University & Myeongryundang , Seoul

Sungkyunkwan convention & wedding hall in front of entrance of the campus, pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

street scene across the entrance of Sungkyunkwan University, 
pen and watercolor, (29.6x 42cm)

Myeongryundang building, pencil, (36 x 51cm)

surrounding buildings under reconstruction near Myeongryundang, 
pen, (36 x 51cm)

Business School, Sungkyunkwan University, pen and watercolor, 
(36 x 51cm)

After the heat wave season is over, it's nice weather for sketching outdoors. Last Saturday, we Seoul urban sketchers met at the entrance of the Sungkyunkwan University. On arriving at the meeting place, I started sketching the lively street scene around the entrance of the university. Several times I visited the familiar campus in downtown near my home from my childhood.  What I'm impressed with is the big gingko trees of nearly 500 years old in front of Myeongryundang(명륜당) inside the Munmyo(문묘). Especially, some cultural properties like the above Korean traditional buildings and newly built modern campus buildings seemed to be harmonized with the history of Seoul. I sketched various scenes on the spot here and there around the beautiful campus remembering past history of Seoul. The old villages located closed the historic campus is one of the most favorite subjects for urban sketchers.
조선시대 성균관의 역사를 머금은 은행나무의 연륜...
창경궁과 대학로, 명륜동 주택가의 스카이라인은
세월따라 변해가는 서울의 모습을 반영해 갑니다.
역사적인 문화재와 캠퍼스를 포용하는 명륜동은
바쁜 삶에 얽힌 풍물과 선비의 정신, 포근한 자연을 담는
어제와 오늘이 공존하는 생생한 스케치 장소입니다~~