2016년 12월 30일 금요일

‘Le Corbusier Special Exhibition’ in Seoul Arts Center

main hall of the exhibition of Le Corbusier
 Seoul Arts Center's Hangaram Design Museum(한가람 디자인 미술관)
facade of Seoul Arts Center (예술의 전당)
 distant view of Seoul Arts Center
 another sketch of Hangaram Design Museum
 portrait and chronicle of Le Corbusier
photographs of his masterpieces
 architectural model of Villa Savoye
 a tapestry work, modern abstract art
 various works of Le Corbusier
visitors at the exhibition hall
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook,  pencil, pen and watercolor )
Seoul Arts Center's Hangaram Design Museum is hosting Le Corbusier’s largest exhibition until Mar. 26, 2017, for the first time in Korea. As is well known, Le Corbusier is a world-famous architect and is remembered in the history as the Father of Modern Architecture. The exhibition is special because many of his works have just been listed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Especially his sketches and drawings are very relative to his architecture and and it is also back into spotlight from years ago.
A few days ago, I visited the special exhibition and sketched appreciating a number of his architectural works, paintings, drawings, sculptures and tapestries.
While sketching in and outside the exhibition, I was falling for Le Corbusier's life.
I had a very interesting day with a master of architecture of the 20th century.
20세기 건축의 거장 르 꼬르뷰지에의 주옥같은 작품들~~~
건축작품 이외의 스케치, 드로잉, 수채, 비구상, 조각과 태피스트리...
유네스코 세계유산으로 지정된 후의 서울에서의 특별전시회는
예술의 전당과 세계적인 거장과의 뜻깊은 만남입니다.

2016년 11월 29일 화요일

Candle rally sketches at Gwanghwamun, Seoul

Scene at Gwanghwamun junction viewed from 10th floor of Officia building
 Scene of the demonstrators with various flags in front of Gwanghwamun Gate
 Stage for the free speakers and singers at Gwanghwamun Square
 pencil sketch drawn at the steps of Sejong Center for the Performing Arts
 Participants in candle rally
Reporter and cameramen of YTN on the outside broadcast van at Naeja-dong, Gwanghwamun
 Reporter and cameraman of JTBC at Cheongun-dong near from the Blue House
 Demonstrators and duty policemen on police bus at Cheongun-dong, 200meters distance from the Blue House(President's residence)
Charcoal sketch of same confrontational situation between police and demonstrators 
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook, pen and watercolor )
I think that lots of people in the world would know about the candle rally on Saturdays in Seoul. I participated in two times on Nov. 19 and 26. The number of participants increased to 1.5 million in Seoul and 1.9 in national scale. And it was amazing that all the demonstrations were absolutely peaceful. The organizers proceeded like festivals with volunteer speakers and famous singers. Sketching among the moving demonstrating citizens from all the nation was really valuable experience to me. I was impressed so much by the waving candles like stream on broad street in nightscape. 
격동의 함성이 광화문의 지축을 울리는~~
주말 촛불시위는 거대한 축제 같았읍니다.
정치를 떠나서... 광화문의 150만 촛불의 물결은
밤하늘을 수놓는 스펙타클의 감동이었습니다~~

2016년 11월 7일 월요일

sketches at Ssamziegil, Insa-dong in Seoul

Ssamziegil building viewed from Ganainsa Art Center on the opposite side

main entrance of Ssamziegil building 

surrounding buildings beyond the Ssamziegil

viewed from open corridor on the 5th floor in Ssamziegil building 

open-air rooftop cafe in Ssamziegil building

portrait of Mr. William 
( 21x 29.6cm sketchbook, pen , watercolor )
I often go to Insa-dong (인사동) for enjoying sketch in my spare time, because there are a lot of subject matters for sketching all over the place. Last Saturday, I joined in sketch meeting with William at Ssamziegil(쌈지길) building which is one of the famous tourist attractions in Insa-dong. After sketching around Ssamziegil, we moved to McDonald's for tea. During our conversation I sketched a portrait of William and presented him in memory of sketch meeting.
전통문화와 갤러리, 맛집 먹거리와 관광객들...
인산인해 사이사이로 길거리 이벤트가 흥을 돋구고
각양각색의 언어와 색상의 물결은 살아있는 소음과 함께
배경음악처럼~~ 스케치를 위한 상설무대와 같이 느껴집니다. 

2016년 10월 31일 월요일

sketches at Seoseoul Lake Park (서서울 호수공원)

panoramic view of the park
Culture Deck Plaza(문화데크 광장) on the side of Central Lake
Visitor Center building (관리사무소)
Recycle Garden(재생정원)
pergola in the sky garden(하늘정원) decorated with remains of the 
old plant

Mondrian Garden(몬드리안 정원), modeled on the abstract artist 
Mondrian's composition techniques
open garden remodeled of the old plant 
street scene in front of the entrance
an exhibition facility beside the parking lot
entrance of the park
( pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook )
Few days ago, I visited  Seoseoul Lake Park located in Sinwol-dong, Yangcheon-gu,Seoul. In October 2009, the park was opened after the Sinwol Water Purification Plant, was remodeled into an eco-friendly park involving the theme of water and regeneration. The plant was transformed under the themes of “water” and “recycling” and reused some of the existing piping and filtering tanks. When making the park, the designers recycled many materials from the old water plant facilities, particularly the water pipes.
The park entrance signpost, bicycle racks, benches on hiking trails, and sculptures in the grass area were all made with recycled material from water pipes. I was impressed by the exquisite harmony of the park's natural and artificial grafting.
It was a fine autumn day, I enjoyed  strolling along the Central Lake and sketching various scenes in and outside the garden facilities.
아름다운 호수가 있는 서서울 호수공원~~
낡은 신월정수장을 '물'과 '재생'을 테마로 한 시민의 쉼터로
웰빙과 스포츠, 호숫가의 문화데크와 수생식물,
벽천과 소리분수, 몬드리안 정원과 재생정원.....
자연과 인공을 절묘하게 조화시킨 독특한 테마공원입니다.

2016년 10월 24일 월요일

#53rd World Wide SketchCrawl at Myeong-dong

Royal Hotel (로얄호텔)and the surroundings, 
pen and watercolor

Young Plaza (영플라자), Lotte Department Avenuel and the surroundings, 
pen and watercolor

Korean National Commission for UNESCO (유네스코 한국위원회) building, 
pen and watercolor

Baerongnamu Cafe (배롱나무 카페), pen and watercolor

outside of the Baerongnamu Cafe connected to the rooftop garden, 
pen and watercolor 

back garden of the Myeong-dong Cathedral (명동성당), 
pen and pastel 

altar of the cathedral viewed from the back garden, pencil
( 21 x 29.6 cm sketchbook )
청명한 가을하늘 아래... 밝은 마을 명동이 활짝 열리면
크고 작은 다채로운 빌딩과 휘황찬란한 색상이 뒤섞여
낮에는 햇살따라 밤에는 조명따라 변해가는 모습과
실핏줄같이 얽힌 골목에서 쏟아지고 흩어지는 인파의 물결
낭만과 유행, 소음과 경건함이 얽힌 도심의 오케스트라~ 
명동은 언제 보아도 살아있는 스케치 천국입니다.

2016년 9월 30일 금요일

sketches at Seoul St. Mary's Hospital

 main gate of Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, pen and watercolor
 main entrance of the hospital, pen and pastel
hospital building viewed from Seoul Express Bus Terminal (서울 고속버스 터미널), 
pen and watercolor
Central City Terminal across from the hospital, 
pen and watercolor
pedestrian overpass connected to Central City (센트럴 시티 보도육교), 
pen and watercolor
annex buildings viewed from 16th floors in the hospital, 
pen and watercolor
main hall of the hospital, pen and watercolor
information desk (안내, 진료상담), pen and watercolor
hospital administration (수납, 원무과), pen and pastel
tonometry(안압검사) at Eye Center, pen and watercolor
concert (서리풀 축제 콘서트) in the hospital lobby, pen and pastel
cellists, pen and pastel
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook )

Few days ago I visited  Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, Seocho-gu (서초구) in Seoul two times. Seoul St. Mary's Hospital is one of the affiliated hospitals of Catholic University of Korea (가톨릭 대학교 서울 성모병원) and is part of the CMC (Catholic Medical Center) network based on its 80 years of history. The hospital is conveniently located within minutes by car, subway, bus, or on foot from many of Seoul’s international companies, hotels, and government buildings.
It was fine weather to sketch, and the atmosphere around the hospital was very pleasant enjoying the beautiful fall season. I sketched some colorful scenes in and outside the hospital, especially the concert for patients was a touching performance.
가톨릭대 부속 서울 성모병원~~
넘치는 방문객, 기다리는 환자들과 봉사자,
부산한 의료진들 사이로 자애로운 성모상
자연과 음악이 어우러지는 힐링 콘서트...
고속터미널의 숨가쁜 시간표를 떠나
아픔과 치유의 시간을 함께 하며
이틀간 스케치 삼매경에 빠졌습니다.